BidSystem Transition FAQ

As part of the Playerize acquisition of SuperRewards, we're transitioning all of our direct advertiser relationships and campaigns off of Adknowledge's BidSystem.  

Why Are We Doing This?

BidSystem is a prioprietary system run by Adknowledge, and the campaigns that you are running with SuperRewards cannot be managed on it any longer.  We are replacing the functionality of BidSystem within Playerize.

When Do I Have To Move By?

We have been reaching out to advertisers throughout October, with the goal of having all campaigns transitioned before the end of the month.  

We are setting a hard transition date of Wednesday, October 24th. After this date, no SuperRewards traffic will be sent to BidSystem campaigns.

Will My Campaign Be Interrupted?

Absolutely not, but there is an integration change that needs to be completed to ensure traffic continues.  See below!

What Do I Have To Do?

You need to add our pixel to your success page (our conversion pixel), so that we are notified when our traffic results in a new lead.  You already have one from Adknowledge, we'd like ours added in addition to that so that we can route the traffic to you directly.  There are also server-to-server postback options if you have a traffic management system.

Click here for detailed integration instructions.

Where Do I Log In?

Advertisers have new accounts at  You have likely been sent login info by your account manager, otherwise please email us at or sign up at

Where Do I Fund My Campaign?

We are working to set up a simple pre-funding and budget tracking system for you, but for the time being we are doing either pre-pay through PayPal, or Net-15 invoicing on advertiser campaigns.  Campaign spend and performance can be monitored at the link above.

I Have Questions!

No problem!  We want to make this as simple and quick as possible, so please reach out to us: and we'll walk you through it.




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