Creating an offer with Playerize's SuperRewards Offerwall

  1. Go to Offers > Create Offer
  2. Enter your offer name. The Offer Name will be used to identify the specific offer and as the title on the Offer Wall.
  3. Enter a description.  The detailed description of the offer, including the product, promotion, and why a user should complete the offer.  There is no character limit, but we recommend keeping it fewer than 200 characters. Make sure to include the requirement, or conversion event, the user must take to receive their virtual currency.
  4. Enter the preview URL. This is a link to landing page with no geo targeting so we can see a landing page example.
  5. Enter default offer URL. The Offer URL where traffic will be directed to.
  6. Conversion Tracking. Select the pixel you require and place that on your conversion page.  If you placed our server side pixel select Server Postback w/Transaction ID.  Please check out this article for in-depth conversion tracking instructions!
  7. Cost. Enter the payout for the offer.
  8. Settings.  To enter daily or monthly lead caps, select enabled from the drop down menu and then enter your caps.
  9. Click Add Offer and Define Targeting
  10. Select the geo targets for your offer.
  11. Email your account manager or that an offer is pending review to be set live. Include the Offer name and ID in your email. 
For more information on offer copy, check out this article for examples.

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