SuperRewards Advertiser Stats Reporting

There are several predefined summary stat reports. These report give summary impression, click and conversion data. There are several options on these reports to group, filter and easily customize them.

Daily and Hourly Stat Reports
The reports give you a quick glance at statistics within a certain time frame. These give you quick reference to what is currently happening with various campaigns. Click Options at the top of the page to customize this report further. Presets for these reports include Date, Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Cost, CPC, Revenue, RPC, and Profit.

Offers Report
Quickly view statistics for each offer receiving traffic by clicking this report.

Conversion Report
Quickly view detailed conversion stats for your offers including IP address, transaction ID and sub ID.

Reporting Options
You can customize any of the per-defined summary stat reports using the options panel.

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