Advertiser Lead Tracking Details

Once you've created an offer in our system (see this article), you need to set up automatic notification so we know when a lead is completed.

There are three ways to integrate, here's a quick reference to which one you should use:


1) Do you have traffic or affiliate management software (such as HasOffers)?

If yes, best thing is to do server-to-server postbacks.

2) Will you be creating only a few offers (like 1-5)?

If yes, it's very easy to integrate the single-offer pixel on each one.

3) Otherwise, if you have many offers but no management system

Then you can use our global pixel for cookie postbacks.



This is used only if you have a traffic management system, such as HasOffers.  In this method, we pass you a unique transaction ID for each visitor, and if they complete an offer we need that ID passed back to us, so we can correctly identify the offer and the traffic source. 

For example, if this is the click URL for your offer:

We need to append a value to that for passing back.  In HasOffers, we frequently do that using aff_sub (or aff_sub4):{transaction_id}

The click will hit your system looking like this:

Once the visitor happily completes the offer, we need you to hit our system with the same transaction id, like this:{aff_sub4}

(or, based on the above example,

In order to do this in a HasOffers system, we ask you to add this URL as a "Conversion Pixel/URL" for our affiliate account, which will apply to all offers.  It also needs to properly echo back the transaction_id we passed in, so the format for that is:{aff_sub4}




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