SuperRewards: What you need to create a CPI game offer

Getting your game listed on our Offer Wall is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive new player installs to your game.

Here's an example, using the classic Netflix offer:



Using this Netflix offer as an example, here's the pieces we need from you:


The title of the offer, in this case "Instantly watch as many movies as you want from Netflix!"


The detailed description, above it's the part that goes "Start your 1 month free trial and instantly watch unlimited TV episodes & movies on your TV and computer!" While there is no character limit, we recommend less than 200 characters.


To ensure transparency, every offer includes a note about any restrictions, or about what is required of the player.  In the Netflix example, they restrict to new members, from the United States, and they have a cancellation policy.  For a Facebook game, the restriction would be along the lines of:

"Only new, first-time players of Awesome Game are eligible to receive this offer."


Let us know what geographic regions you want to target!  

Destination URL

The URL that we will send players to when they click on the link to continue with your offer.  You can include any tracking parameters, as any valid URL can be used here.


What cost-per-install you're willing to pay for the new players sent in through this offer.  Talk to your account manager to get an idea of the latest effective rates for the geographic regions you want to target.  We will use this payout amount to determine the value of the offer in game currency, so the higher the payout level, the more attractive your offer will be when shown to players.


We can include multiple 120x60 banners with the offer, and optimize to the best performing creative.


Self-serve offer management is coming soon, in the meantime your account manager is ready to help you set these up within hours.



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