Playerize Integration Guide - Facebook Games

How It Works

When we send a player to your game, we first record some basic information in our system, and assign them a cookie.  We then redirect them to you, using a URL something like this:

We can use other field names if you require, but we're letting you know three things: 

  • source: that this traffic came from Playerize.  You likely have  a field that you use to separate traffic from ads or other sources.
  • subsource: a Playerize internal code that identifies our traffic source for this visitor, so that performance metrics can be done based on our sources if you are able, allowing us to optimize on those factors
  • transaction_id: a unique ID assigned by Playerize to this visitor.  

Once the player has accepted the Facebook permissions, we consider an install to have been completed, and you will include a pixel on the next canvas page to alert us of the completed install.  

Cookie-Based Tracking

 In this method, the tracking is based on the cookie that was assigned to the visitor by Playerize.  The offer_id field is required, and will be assigned by Playerize.


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