Playerize Integration Guide - Mobile

The Problem With Mobile App Install Tracking

Standard conversion tracking on the internet uses either cookie- or token-based methods for identifying a traffic source.  Unfortunately, these two methodologies fail when it comes to mobile devices: cookies set in the mobile browser or in another app are not available in the installing app, and tokens do not survive the marketplace transfer from referral to install.


The Solution And Implementation

When Playerize sends traffic to your game, we see the visitor first and record some information about the visitor and their device.  Then on every new install, you post back some basic information, and we will be able to recognize only those who were referred through our system.  

Playerize will generate a specific tracking ID for your application.  Once you have this ID, you can replace the offer_id below with the unique code assigned to you.

There are two styles of implementation available:  in-app or server-to-server.  To reduce delays caused by app-store approval, we strongly recommend the server-to-server approach, but support both.

Server-To-Server Postback

A server-side postback offers the most flexibility to the developer, as it can be enabled, disabled, or modified at will.

The mechanism is a simple HTTP (or HTTPS) request to our server, submitting information about new installs.  Here's an example in PHP:

$url = ""

$ch = curl_init();

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);


$response = curl_exec($ch);


In-Application Tracking 

On the first run of your app, you should perform an HTTP (or HTTPS) request to submit some basic information to Playerize:

The mobile_ip field is not necessary, as the request is coming directly from the device.


In production, you should ignore the response.  In testing, you can verify that we tracked the conversion by looking for "true" in the response.  A "false" response means that we did not recognize the install as coming from Playerize, so either it was from another source or the integration is failing.


We are available constantly to help with integration.  Please get in touch through, or call us at 877-791-8092

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